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Computer Repairs in Balham

An unexpected consequence of recent events has been the surge in PC and laptop sales as more and more people joined the ranks of remote workers and remote students. The thing is, over the past decade many of the Balham’s computer repair and maintenance shops closed down, succumbing to the rise of the smartphone. And that has left all these new computer owners asking where can a digital nomad or remote learner find reliable computer repairs in Balham? Thankfully, the answer is surprisingly simple: London PC Fix, that’s where.

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Affordable Professional Computer Repairs in Balham

For the better part of a decade, PC sales slowed and then reversed while smartphones took control of the techno roost. Nearly everyone was convinced the days of the PC were numbered. But a (not so) funny thing happened on the way to irrelevance: the global pandemic sent people scurrying to secure computers they could use to work or study from home with. That in turn, created a demand for expert computer repair and maintenance services.

Fortunately for the people of Balham London PC Fix is one computer repair outfit that did not fold its tent, and today we remain what we have been since we were founded more than 15 years ago: the area’s premier computer repair service centre. Whether you need an old PC refurbished so you can put it back into action, or you need software installed on a new PC or laptop, or you need expert repair or upgrade services, the team at London PC Fix are here to help.

Gaming PC Repairs and Service

One area of the PC world that did not suffer from the downturn of the past 10 years was gaming. In fact, gaming PCs sales have steadily increased while home and business PC sales were slumping. Gaming PCs are some of the most powerful and complex machines out there and should not be serviced or repaired by just anyone. The team at London PC Fix are gaming computer experts who can diagnose any problem quickly and get you back in the game without skipping a beat.

Trust the Team at London PC Fix

Whether you need PC, laptop or gaming PC repair or service, or you are planning to move and need expert assistance with relocating your IT infrastructure, London PC Fix are the ones to call. And don’t forget we also offer prompt 24-hour emergency service. Call today on 0203 488 7673, or write to:

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What People Are Saying about our services

“Our office IT just works now and it's a huge relief that its so tidy! London PC Fix were superb. We've recommended them to people and they are satisfied every time. We won't work with anyone else!”
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Sandy D.
“My husband and I are very satisfied customers. Our home office was wired up by Jaryd and we added wifi throughout the house so the kids can no longer complain they can't watch their youtube videos, anywhere inside or out in our garden! We're so glad we have a computer service company that we can trust.”
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Michelle M.
"We have been very pleased with the engineers sent to our office and recommend PC FIX to anyone seeking a professional IT support service. Thank you for managing our systems and always being on call when we need help!"
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Denny W.