Computer Repairs in Mitcham for Home and Business

Computer Repairs in Mitcham

With its long history, favourable location and numerous big-city style amenities it’s easy to see why Mitcham attracts people from all walks of life. It’s a prosperous town full of smart, tech-savvy people and the shops along the London Road attest to its economic vibrance. But like a lot of cities and towns in recent years many PC shops have either folded or transformed into smartphone shops, leaving PC owners out in the cold. Fortunately, the best of the lot remains: London PC Fix.

While smartphone sales get all the press, people forget that businesses large and small are still heavily reliant on PCs. In addition, there are still millions of PCs in private homes, along with millions of laptops that need to be properly maintained. London PC Fix provides expert computer repairs in Mitcham for all Windows and iOS machines. Our team members are some of the most experienced and highly recommended in South London and provide exceptional services at competitive rates.

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Computer Repairs in Mitcham for Remote Work and Learning

The PC revolution was front-page news for more than a decade. But the rise of the smartphone pushed PCs so far off the media radar that one could be excused for thinking they no longer exist. The fact is, however, that there are still more than a billion personal computers in use worldwide, and more laptops/MacBooks were sold last year (some 300 million) than at any time since before smartphones were invented. And with countless people now either choosing to, or being told to, work remotely and remote learning at an all-time high, PCs and laptops are not going anywhere anytime soon.

At London PC Fix we have more than 15 years experience. Whether you need regularly scheduled maintenance of your PC or iMac, or emergency MacBook or PC repairs our experts are just a phone call away. If you need data recovery or hardware installed on your home or business computer, we are the ones to call. If your business is looking to outsource the maintenance of your servers, we can handle that too. And don’t forget, London PC Fix is always ready to help with high-quality 24-hour emergency service.

Trust Your Gaming PC to the Pros at London PC Fix

PCs and laptops and their Apple equivalents are, in many ways, more important than ever these days. But there’s another aspect of the home computing industry that has quietly grown by leaps and bounds in recent years: gaming PCs and laptops. Gaming computers are some of the most complex and powerful personal computers ever created. When they need maintenance or repair it’s crucial that the company performing the work knows exactly what they’re doing. This is why so many gamers bring their machines to London PC Fix. They know they can trust our technicians to keep their machines in tip-top condition, and that if they are having trouble, that we can get them back in the game quickly and affordably.

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What People Are Saying about our services

“Our office IT just works now and it's a huge relief that its so tidy! London PC Fix were superb. We've recommended them to people and they are satisfied every time. We won't work with anyone else!”
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Sandy D.
“My husband and I are very satisfied customers. Our home office was wired up by Jaryd and we added wifi throughout the house so the kids can no longer complain they can't watch their youtube videos, anywhere inside or out in our garden! We're so glad we have a computer service company that we can trust.”
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Michelle M.
"We have been very pleased with the engineers sent to our office and recommend PC FIX to anyone seeking a professional IT support service. Thank you for managing our systems and always being on call when we need help!"
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Denny W.
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Repair and Maintenance of Business PCs and Laptops

If your Mitcham business runs on the personal computer and laptop you need to know those machines are not going to let you down. Regularly scheduled maintenance from London PC Fix is the best way to ensure that. If you should encounter a problem with your servers, or a member of your staff who is working remotely needs virus removal on their company-issued laptop, London PC Fix are the ones to call. Finally, if you are planning to move your office we can help you there too, with our IT relocation service. To learn more or to request any of our services call us on 0203 488 7673, or send us an email at